Lopez Vargas

Chief Engineer

45 years metal finishing process development and operational implementation.

Lopez started in metal finishing at a very early age, building his first polishing shop from reconditioning and recommissioning the machinery of a whole polishing shop and plating line, moving up the leadership ranks to lead that shop with 140 employees and 8 supervisory direct reports.  Lopez has a focus on process efficiency and output quality that ensures results for the customer in operational cost savings, higher finish quality with fewer rejects.  His acute knowledge of machinery gained from building and commissioning polishing machinery from scratch enables him to spot inefficiencies and fine-tune the machinery for optimum performance.  Customers regularly rely on him to optimize their machinery and occasionally find and procure specialty machines.  Since coming to Best Finishing in 2003, Lopez has helped over 200 devoted customers to achieve improved operational performance from their people and machinery.  Since 2014, Lopez has been the key technical contributor to success in developing polishing robotic cells that work right the first time.